The Children's Memorial Health Institute

Department of Nephrology,
Kidney Transplantation and Hypertension,
The Children`s Memorial Health Institute
Warsaw, Poland

The Department

The Center provides health care services to the largest number of pediatric patients with kidney diseases and offers the widest spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic options for renal disease management in Lithuania, including all acute and chronic RRT modalities. The services offered in the center include modern genetic diagnostics, advanced radiological investigations, immunological testing, dialysis (hemo- and peritoneal), CRRT, plasma exchange, immunoadsorbtion, pediatric renal transplantation (incl. ABO incompatible and highly sensitized patients), pediatric liver transplantation, biological therapies, etc. Since 2017 the Center is also a full member of the European Rare Kidney Disease Reference Network (ERKNet).

The collaboration with the ESCAPE Network was established in 1999 by the leader of the pediatric nephrology research group prof. Jankauskiene who has been since then promoting international collaboration and participation in the ESCAPE Network initiated studies. With a team of 6 dedicated and experienced specialists the group of the Center now almost fully covers all activities within the ESCAPE Network.

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The Team

Karolis Azukaitis

Pediatric nephrology fellow and PhD student;
Regional coordinator of the 4C Study.

Prof. Augustina Jankauskiene

Pediatric Nephrologist
Head of the Center of Pediatrics
National coordinator of the PREDICT trial
Regional coordinator of the ARegPKD Registry
Investigator of the Podonet, 4C, UTILISE, EurAKID, ARegPKD studies

Prof. Rimante Cerkauskiene

Pediatric nephrologist; Head of the Center of Pediatric Rare Disease Coordination;
Investigator of the PodoNet Registry, 4C Study, ARegPKD Registry, PD Biopsy trials

Renata Vitkevic

Senior pediatric nephrologist
Investigator of the PodoNet Registry, AregPKD Registry, UTILISE Study, IPPN Registry

Ruta Repeckiene

Pediatric nephrology fellow;
Investigator of the ADPedKD Registry

Gerda Balciunaite

Pediatric nurse;
Participates in all ESCAPE studies performed in the Center.

Eugenija Balciuniene

Pediatric nurse;
Participates in all ESCAPE studies performed in the Center.

Children's Hospital Vilnius is involved in the following projects of the ESCAPE Network: