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ESCAPE Network - Fall Meeting 2020

Date:November 19 - 20, 2020
Venue:Zoom meeting


Dear friends,

Unfortunately, the ongoing global Coronavirus pandemic still does not allow us to plan face-to-face meetings for some time. Therefore, we have decided to change the ESCAPE Network Meeting in November 2020 to an online-only event, rather than meeting face-to-face.

This ESCAPE Network Virtual Meeting will be held during the afternoons of Thursday, November 19 and Friday, November 20. A preliminary agenda can be found below.

More details will be provided in due time. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact the Network Office.

We are looking forward to this event,
Franz Schaefer and Andre Durudas


ESCAPE Network Research Meeting

Thursday, 19. November

13:45-14:00Time to log in and prepare for the meeting
14:00Start of day 1
14:00-14:15Welcome and Introduction: Networking in times of the pandemic
(Franz Schaefer, Heidelberg)
14:15-15:45Visterra Nephrology Pipeline & Pediatric Development in IgA Nephropathy
(Mohit Mathur and Asher Schachter, Visterra)
16:00-16:30Finerenone in CKD:  Adult trial results and pediatric development plans
(Stefanie Breitenstein, Bayer)
16:30-16:50SRNS due to COQ10 deficiency disorders
(Stefania Drovandi, Genoa/Heidelberg)
16:50-17:10SRNS: New pathobiological insights from urine exosome studies
(Ivana Bensa, Heidelberg)
17:10-17:35PREDICT Trial Update
(Giovanni Montini, Milano)
17:35-18:00Final results of UTILISE Study
(Alev Yilmaz, Istanbul)


Friday, 20. November

12:45-13:00Time to log in and prepare for the meeting
13:00Start of day 2
13:00-13:20 ARegPKD Registry Update
(Max Liebau, Cologne)
13:20-13:45AdPedKD Registry Update
(Djalila Mekahli, Leuven)
13:45-14:05EURAKid Registry update
(Isabella Guzzo, Rome)
14:05-14:30Peritoneal tissue study program
(Maria Bartosova, Heidelberg)
14:45-15:054C-Track Update
(Karolis Azukaitis, Vilnius)
15:05-15:25Anemia management and planned study on hepcidin/vitamin D interaction
(William Morello, Milano)
15:25-15:50Carotid intima media thickness: Final longitudinal 4C study results
(Anke Doyon, Heidelberg)
15:50-16:15Central arterial stiffness: Final longitudinal 4C study results
(Karolis Azukaitis, Vilnius)
16:15-16:40Novel biomarkers for CKD progression by serum proteome analysis
(Max Liebau, Cologne)
16:40-17:00Conclusions and further planning
(Franz Schaefer, Heidelberg)
17:00End of program


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