Karolis Azukaitis

Dr. Karolis Azukaitis is a pediatric nephrology fellow and a PhD student at the Vilnius University Hospital Santaros Clinics. He received his MD degree at Vilnius University in 2014. Dr. Azukaitis has been involved in the activities of the ESCAPE consortium since 2014 when he started working as a regional coordinator of the 4C Study. Since 2018 he has been coordinating the development of the 4C Study extension (4C-TRACK). Karolis's research interests encompass cardiovascular morbidity of children with CKD, pediatric hypertension with particular focus on central hemodynamics and hemolytic uremic syndrome. During his work in the ESCAPE consortium he has started to establish his research career by publishing and co-authoring research papers in peer-reviewed journals and presenting study results in international conferences.

Karolis contributes to these projects of the ESCAPE Network: