Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital

Division of Nephrology and Dialysis, Department of Pediatric Subspecialties
Piazza Sant’Onofrio 4, 00165, Rome, Italy , 

The Department

The Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital is a research institute that is part of the Italian IRCCS network, comprising 48 institutes dedicated to clinical and translational research. The Pediatric Nephrology Unit is the largest in Italy, with a permanent staff of 12 nephrologists.  The unit activities include >900 inpatient admissions/year, >6000 outpatient visits/year and approximately 25 isolated or combined kidney transplantations/year.  The team covers all aspects of pediatric nephrology, including rare renal diseases, chronic renal failure, dialysis and transplantation.  It also has particular expertise in the treatment of acute renal failure and of metabolic conditions requiring renal care.  The genetic and metabolic facilities of the hospital offer diagnostic tests for most rare disease affecting the kidneys.  Members of the team have leading position in scientific societies, research committees and registries.  The scientific activities are supported by a research laboratory dedicated to the study of renal diseases in children, in particular genetic diseases and nephrotic syndrome.

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The Team

Isabella Guzzo MD, PhD

Principal Investigator of EurAKID Registry 

Chief of the dialysis division with specific interest in AKI, CKD and dialysis

Francesco Emma, MD

Division Chief with specific interest in rare kidney diseases, tubulopathies and nephrotic syndrome

Marcello Chinali, MD, PhD

Cardiologist, with specific interest in cardiovascular complications of renal diseases 

Laura Massella, MD

Nephrologist, with specific interest in cystic kidney diseases and nephrotic syndrome

Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital is involved in the following projects of the ESCAPE Network: