Hannover Medical School

Department of Pediatric Kidney, Liver and Metabolic Diseases
Carl-Neuberg-Strasse 1
30625 Hannover, Germany

The Department

Our Department and the associated KfH Center of Renal Diseases is one of the largest provides for renal care in Germany. Hannover has one of the largest kidney transplant programs in Germany with around 20 annual pediatric and 150 annual adult kidney transplantations. A large number of pediatric and adult patients before kidney transplantation are visiting the outpatient clinics for chronic kidney disease or take part in the associated dialysis programs. Hannover Medical School is the main reference center for children (encatchment of 10 million population, more than 5000 outpatient appointments per year) and adults with chronic kidney diseases in the German State of Lower Saxony and surrounding states. Hannover Medical School provides a center for rare diseases including a special outpatient clinic for rare kidney diseases. Especially patients for kidney transplantation and treatment of hemolytic uremic syndrome are actually referred from many German regions to Hannover Medical School. More than 800 children with acute renal failure are treated as inpatients / year.

We serve as a specialized referral center for rare kidney diseases for the northern and eastern part of Germany. Several multicenter, prospective-randomized trials on pediatric and adult kidney transplantation have been led from Hannover Medical School. A special expertise is provided in renal replacement therapy for infants with complicated inborn kidney diseases as ARPKD. The center leads the German Lupus-registry, the German-X-linked hypophosphatemic rickets registry and, together with Heidelberg, the CERTAIN Registry for kidney transplanted patients and provides data to several other registries for the diseases named in these applications. Hannover Medical School is the leading center for a current trial on atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome. Several other multicenter clinical trials in pediatric and adult nephrology are led by MHH and a high amount of basic research in pediatric and adult nephrology is performed. Every year several fellows from Germany and abroad are trained in Nephrology and pediatric Nephrology at MHH.

Link: mhh-kinderklinik.de

The Team

Anette Melk M.D. Ph.D.

Co-Lead PI 4C Study

Dieter Haffner M.D.

Head of Department

Lars Pape,

Head of Dialysis and Transplantation

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