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Ist. Deportment of Pediatrics Semmelweis University Budapest
Bokay J. u. 53., 1083 Budapest, Hungary

The Department

The Department was founded in 1839 and covers all the important sub-disciplines of paediatrics, involving nephrology (including renal replacement therapy), diabetology, neurology, hepatology and gastroenterology, allergology and pulmonology, bronchology and fiberoscopy cardiology, endocrinology and diabetetology paediatric surgery (including urology and neonatal surgery) and otolaryngology, haemato-oncology, neonatal intensive care, and general medical care for children and infants.

We provide high standard diagnostic and therapeutic care for all acute neonatal conditions for all gestational ages in the neonatal period except of neonatal-pediatric neuro-, cardiac surgery and ECMO. Our unit is also a centre for the diagnostic work-up of children before renal and liver transplantation and their caring after it. There are specialised units for clinical chemistry, bacteriology, radiology, sonography, lung-function, electro-cardiography, and electro-encephalography. The Department serves as the regional and national centre for the majority of the above-mentioned disciplines. The health care service is supported by an associate research laboratory unit with dedicated methods of molecular biology.

There is a research laboratory jointly supported  by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA) and Semmelweis University for facilitating basic science in nephrology, immunology, neonatology, gastroenterology and chronic vascular diseases. The main scientific research grants are provided by the Hungarian Scientific Research Foundation and by the Ministry of Health. Our research is especially helped by the recently won, significant support of the Hungarian Scientific Research Foundation.


The Team

Kalman Tory MD

Head of Genetics laboratory

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