Claus P. Schmitt,

Dr. Claus Schmitt is consultant of Pediatric Nephrology, Hepatology and Rheumatology and Chief Executive Consultant, Centre of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, Heidelberg University Hospital. Following a two year post doc fellowship of the German Research Foundation and a 6 year pediatric residency, he was appointed Assistant Professor of Pediatrics in 2004 and Professor of Pediatrics in 2009.

His current experimental and clinical research interests focus on dialysis, CKD-MD and histidin dipetide metabolism in CKD and diabetes. He heads the International Pediatric Peritoneal Biobank, is WP leader of the European PD Research Consortium, Improve PD, and coleader of the International Pediatric Dialysis Network. He runs the International Adapted PD Proof of Concept Study, is co-chair of the working group on calcium isotope fractionation in health and CKD, and co-chair of a WG within the German collaborative research group on reactive metabolites, SFB1118.

Claus is member of 10 national and international medical associations, the IRB of the Medical Faculty Heidelberg, the European and the ESPN Pediatric Dialyis and CKD MBD Working Groups. He heads the International Pediatric Peritoneal Biobank and is involved in EurAKID.

He published 140 scientific articles and obtained 5 national and 16 international scientific awards.

Claus contributes to these projects of the ESCAPE Network: