2020 Fall Meeting

ESCAPE Network - Fall Meeting 2020

Date:November 19 - 20, 2020
Venue:Zoom meeting


Due to the ongoing global Coronavirus pandemic, it was not possible to plan a face-to-face meeting. Therefore, the ESCAPE Network Meeting in November 2020 was changed to an online-only event.

This ESCAPE Network Virtual Meeting was held during the afternoons of Thursday, November 19 and Friday, November 20.

ESCAPE Network Research Meeting

Thursday, 19. November

13:45-14:00Time to log in and prepare for the meeting
14:00Start of day 1
14:00-14:15Welcome and Introduction: Networking in times of the pandemic
(Franz Schaefer, Heidelberg)
14:15-15:45Visterra Nephrology Pipeline & Pediatric Development in IgA Nephropathy
(Mohit Mathur and Asher Schachter, Visterra)
16:00-16:30Finerenone in CKD:  Adult trial results and pediatric development plans
(Stefanie Breitenstein, Bayer)
16:30-16:50SRNS due to COQ10 deficiency disorders
(Stefania Drovandi, Genoa/Heidelberg)
16:50-17:10SRNS: New pathobiological insights from urine exosome studies
(Ivana Bensa, Heidelberg)
17:10-17:35PREDICT Trial Update
(Giovanni Montini, Milano)
17:35-18:00Final results of UTILISE Study
(Alev Yilmaz, Istanbul)


Friday, 20. November

12:45-13:00Time to log in and prepare for the meeting
13:00Start of day 2
13:00-13:20 ARegPKD Registry Update
(Max Liebau, Cologne)
13:20-13:45AdPedKD Registry Update
(Djalila Mekahli, Leuven)
13:45-14:05EURAKid Registry update
(Isabella Guzzo, Rome)
14:05-14:30Peritoneal tissue study program
(Maria Bartosova, Heidelberg)
14:45-15:054C-Track Update
(Karolis Azukaitis, Vilnius)
15:05-15:25Anemia management and planned study on hepcidin/vitamin D interaction
(William Morello, Milano)
15:25-15:50Carotid intima media thickness: Final longitudinal 4C study results
(Anke Doyon, Heidelberg)
15:50-16:15Central arterial stiffness: Final longitudinal 4C study results
(Karolis Azukaitis, Vilnius)
16:15-16:40Novel biomarkers for CKD progression by serum proteome analysis
(Max Liebau, Cologne)
16:40-17:00Conclusions and further planning
(Franz Schaefer, Heidelberg)
17:00End of program


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