ESCAPE Network - Fall Meeting 2019

Date:November 29 - 30, 2019
Fri Nov 29:
Print Media Academy
Kurfürstenanlage 60, 69115 Heidelberg, Germany
Sat Nov 30:
International Science Forum Heidelberg (IWH)
Hauptstrasse 242, 69117 Heidelberg, Germany

On Friday afternoon, November 29, there was a special symposium in honor of Prof. Mehls who has celebrated his 80th birthday in 2019. Moreover, our 4C study turned 10 years, so we had two reasons to celebrate! The symposium was held in the Print Media Academy right across Heidelberg train station. In the evening all attendees were kindly invited to the "birthday dinner" at the Goldener Falke restaurant at the market square.    

The ESCAPE network meeting took place on Saturday, November 30th from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm. An agenda of the two meeting days can be found below.

Trends and Perspectives in Pediatric Kidney Disease

A symposium in honour of Professor Otto Mehls’ 80th birthday

Friday, 29. November

15:00Welcome (Franz Schaefer, Heidelberg)
15:05Part 1 - moderated by Jun Oh
15:05Cardiovascular comorbidity in children with CKD: Lessons learned from 4C (Uwe Querfeld, Berlin)
15:35Between a rock and a hard place: Getting your calcium right on dialysis (Rukshana Shroff, London)
16:00From germs to genes: What matters in CAKUT? (Giovanni Montini, Milano)
16:30Coffee break
17:00Part 2 - moderated by Burkhard Tönshoff
17:05How to ESCAPE renal failure: New nephroprotective therapies on the horizon (Elke Wühl, Heidelberg)
17:30Therapeutic breakthroughs in systemic diseases affecting the kidneys (Dieter Haffner, Hannover)
18:00New therapies, new targets: Innovative approaches in CKD-MBD (Günter Klaus, Marburg)
18:30Sick but happy? How to define quality of life in CKD (Dirk Bethe, Heidelberg)
20:00Birthday Dinner at the restaurant Goldener Falke

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