CUKUROVA UNIVERSITY, Faculty of Medicine/Balcali Hospital, ADANA

Cukurova University, Department of Pediatric Nephrology
Adana, Turkey

The Department

The Department of Pediatric Nephrology of Cukurova University provides comprehensive care to children up to 18 years of age with all types of kidney diseases through 1500 outpatient visits and 1,000 inpatient visits per year. Renal replacement services offered by our center are CAPD, APD, Hemodialysis, plasmapheresis/Immunoadsorption and continuous extracorporeal techniques. There are 20-25 pts on CPD and 10-15 pts on HD annually. We are following approximately 40 renal transplanted pts. Members of the department are also involved in the education of medical students, pediatric residents and pediatric nephrology fellows. Also, we participate in public and professional education through involvement with the National Societies.

Our department is very active paticipant of ESCAPE network. We have been enrolled in ESCAPE trial (I and II) with 17 pts, in 4c study with 63 pts, in PODONET with 68 pts, in AregPKD with 11 pts, in 3H study with 19 pts, in EurAKİD with 40 pts.

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The Team

Dr. Ali Anarat

Principal investigator of ESCAPE network
Phone +905322551061

Dr. Aysun Karabay Bayazit

Regional coordinator of 4C study

CUKUROVA UNIVERSITY, Faculty of Medicine/Balcali Hospital is involved in the following projects of the ESCAPE Network: