Peter Sallay

Dr. Peter Sallay received his MD in 1970 from the Medical University in Budapest. He performed clinical scholarships at the Hôpital des Enfants-Malades, Paris, at the Pediatric Nephrology Division at the Heidelberg University Hospital, at the Hannover Medical School and at the University of Duisburg-Essen (DAAD scholarships).

His professional interests include steroid resistant nephrotic syndrome, as well as urinary and kidney congenital malformations leading to chronic renal failure.

As a founder and lead of the Dialysis Unit of the 1st. Department of Pediatrics at Semmelweis University, he conducted more than 150 patient’s dialysis treatment and preparation for renal transplantation since 1985. His team cares for numerous patients after kidney transplantation.

Peter participated in numerous multicenter clinical trials partly conducted in Heidelberg since 1986, as well as in growth hormone treatment and erythrocyte stimulating agent studies for patient suffering from chronic renal failure.

He is active in the education of medical students not only from Hungary, but also for German and English speaking students as well as for students from many other European countries.

Peter's publication record encompasses almost one hundred scientific articles ( and he is author of several book chapters.

Peter contributes to these projects of the ESCAPE Network: